You can get a better return on your savings

by registering and investing in loans. To do this, you create a portfolio and invest manually or automatically. You receive a monthly interest rate. Interest rates start at 6.5%, with the maximum being 12.5%.

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Our Investors’ Success


Stefan Iliev, Software Developer

"For a very long time, I was looking for a safe way to invest my savings, without worrying. When I discovered P2P lending, I realized it was my thing."

Every month, Stefan manages to set aside a certain amount of savings he wants to invest. So far he has tried with the stock market, cryptocurrencies, and real estate. It turns out that his total profit margin is always uncertain as it depends on too many unpredictable factors.

In March 2019, Stefan became a user of HelpLending and started with an investment of BGN 10 800. As of September 2019, he has increased his savings to BGN 11 150.

As of September 2020 Stefan’s returns have reached BGN 11 500 with the help of our automated system. So far he has earned nearly BGN 700 - entirely from his savings.


Amber Swift Sales Manager

"Last year a friend suggested this platform to me. Peer to peer lending was no news to me so I read the terms and conditions and decided to try it out myself. I am pleasantly surprised, especially considering my experience so far."

Amber Swift is a fintech enthusiast and an early adopter of innovative solutions. She’s interested in diversifying her income sources and is actively looking for a way to reach financial independence.

In October 2019 Amber hops on HelpLending’s investor club. For her the platform is a way to build a strong financial strategy fitting her needs. She decides to invest her savings worth of 25 000 EUR. In October 2020 she received a 27,130 EUR return.


Thomas Burton, Entrepreneur/Innovator/Investor

"When you understand the law of cash flow well enough, you realize that any capital that is not used properly is a lost opportunity. As an entrepreneur and co-owner of many businesses, a benefit loss is a loss which I can't afford.

So far patience has always led me where I wanted to be. That’s why I’m positive about the future results."

Thomas Burton is all about earning big interest rates and expanding his portfolio. His financial consultant suggested that he tried HelpLending.Thomas has over 10 years of experience on the market and easily recognizes successful financial models. He decides to try out the platform from firsthand and plans on using the income for new business opportunities in the future.

So far Thomas Burton has invested 67 000 USD by manually choosing all his loans. It’s expected that he’ll receive back about 75 683 USD by February 2021.

How It Works?

Through HelpLending, you can invest in consumer loans. You purchase the right to receive the monthly payments the borrowers repay their debt with. Each monthly installment includes a proportional part of the principal (the amount you invested in the respective loan) and the interest (the actual profitability).

  • step

    Investment diversification

    The loan is broken to smaller parts and the investors can buy as many parts as they want.

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    Multiple Borrowers

    An Investor can own parts of multiple loans, from multiple borrowers, with different interest & terms.

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    No Fees

    The platform doesn’t charge any additional fees thanks to our Referral program. Instead of traditional advertising, our team believes in the effectiveness of our encouraging promotion model.

See the Benefits

Generate high annual returns on your investment. Receive 100% buyback guarantee on your invested funds.

  • benefit

    Attractive Returns

    Returns are significantly higher than standard investment instruments and can reach up to 15% annually.

  • benefit

    No Risk Investment

    All loans listed on the platform come with 100% buyback guarantee by the originator.

  • benefit

    Automatic Investing

    Use the auto invest feature and your funds will always be fully invested according to your individual preferences.

  • benefit

    Full Control

    With the option for manual investing you can specify every detail around the distribution of your amounts invested in loans.

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